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Completely unrealistic

After dinner I went for a quick stroll around the plein to look for the Australian Ice Cream shop - tragically closed - and to look at the cathedral - ditto. Very dramatic and the new camera seems to do rather nicely at night shots. And looking in the window of a gift shop - as I do - I spotted a triptych of 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'. But this was three cats, siamese at that. Preposterous!

Also odd: the sculptures in the lobby by one Avi Kenan (www.avikenan.com). A dancer smothered by her shawl and the flounces of her skirt, a horse swathed in the rider's cloak, a Buddha draped by a cloth. There's a lot of movement, some lovely lines but also something ludicrous - think a horse having a fight with a rug.

Possibly because I registered for a Hilton card to get the surmiles I'm in an executive room the size of our lounge with free mineral water and lavendar water body oil!

Introduced more people to the immortal phrase from an old Future magazine, the bathos of Swindon. Bed now as we have a horribly early start.
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13th Oct, 2005 03:13 (UTC)
cameras ...
... next year (when I might have some money) I want to upgrade my digital cameras to get one that's excellent at night shots, indoor no-flash shots etc. (convention panels, musicians on stage etc.) ... this may well mean going for a digital SLR with a wider lens to capture more light ...

Where's the best place to get that sort of information on cameras?

Hope you're having fun!
13th Oct, 2005 03:18 (UTC)
oh ...
... and I spent this afternoon at "The Smartphone Show" or actually at the "Symbian presents The Smartphone Show" ... was mightily impressed by Blackberry running on a SonyEricsson P910i (available in places like South Africa and Ireland now, in 3rd world countries like the UK ... eventually when some network operator gets around to it (Vodafone worldwide have agreed to offer it, but Vodafone UK hasn't set a date) ... and by Macromedia Flash lite running on a P910i, where it was used to do things like "show a map of Manhattan, zoom in to show where there are traffic webcams, click on one, get a live streaming feed from that webcam" which was demoed live to me and it worked! And as a replacement for the UI (they had a single screen with scrolling news headlines (including thumbnails) on the bottom 20%, latest email subject lines across the middle, scrolling Dow Jones ticker near the top etc.) ... looked stunning, I want one! (Actually I want one on the new SE P990i but I didn't get a chance to have a look at one of those)
13th Oct, 2005 21:45 (UTC)
Re: cameras ...

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