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I'm a big fan of the Elysium version of the Auvergne Chants - to the point that most other versions seem to have slightly the wrong tempo to me ;-) I found the CD in the Record & Tape Exchange in Notting Hill, where we were spending vouchers garnered from clearing out old bits of computers or videos replaced by DVDs and I bought it because I liked the name and the cover (it works for tanais more often than it works for me). I listen to it on planes when I want to relax, to the point that when it comes up in my playlists I try to look out of the plane window by reflex. And in another piece of synchronicity - probably because blog searches have got better! - I just got a comment from Diane Severson (one of the singers in Elysium) to a rather old post (have I been blogging that long?!) thanking me for the compliments. If I'm going to compliment them, I'll do it properly ;-)


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