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Huw Collingbourne is heroically exhuming the videos we did together for the cover discs on PC Plus. I really can't describe this one any better than Huw does. "This was our fabulously wonderful pop video Heavy Metal tribute to Village People. Accompanied by my trusty companion and one-time Features Editor, Mary Branscombe (seen here in hard hat and whiskers), we recreated all that was best about the 1970s music scene."

Production notes: we got some more mileage out of the stick-on moustache, complete with Simon's plaid shirt and Huw's leather jacket.

* Well, Huw played the biker because he was already wearing the leather jacket...

Heavy Metal Village People Real Media (1.75MB) streaming
Heavy Metal Village People Real Media (1.75MB) non-streaming download - better quality


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12th Jul, 2005 14:55 (UTC)
This has "boingboing" written all over it, surely?
I won't tell if you don't want it out there but I think it would bring joy to millions... I don't suppose the original videotape is available anywhere so it could be digitised at the sort of resolutions now possible?
12th Jul, 2005 16:18 (UTC)
Re: This has "boingboing" written all over it, surely?
no, please, feel free. I'd *love* to be on BoingBoing ;-)

I have a full set of all the videos (second generation VHS) - as does Huw, but I don't think he has the time to recapure them. And as Simon says, 'think of Huw's poor server'. I might try copying the videos to DVD to show friends more easily ;-)
12th Jul, 2005 21:06 (UTC)
Re: This has "boingboing" written all over it, surely?
Never mind Huw's server - bung it up on http://www.archive.org/ and let it take the strain - that's what it was built for!
1st Aug, 2005 18:58 (UTC)
Re: This has "boingboing" written all over it, surely?
Yup, think of my poor server... :-(

If anyone wants to put this vid wherever you want to put it, go ahead. If you can put a link back to the Rants and Raves web site that would be super nice :-)

As for better quality? You can get slightly better quality by taking the vids straight from the CDs or VHS (which Mary has, I believe). Otherwise unless our fab director, Wendy, has kept the originals (which I very much doubt), that's all that remains to posterity....

btw, I still have a few other pretty fab vids featuring Mary in a variety of exciting roles. When I have the time, I shall unleash a few more.
14th Jul, 2005 19:38 (UTC)
Very cool! Thank you!
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