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TMI: cold update

Today I will be mostly needing: a cup to hawk in

bleuuughh: still in bed, but awake before 4pm at least...


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10th Jun, 2005 11:06 (UTC)
10th Jun, 2005 14:28 (UTC)
*HUGS* (with virtual bio-filter in place).
What did you pick up in your forays?
Did the crystal wind chill you?
11th Jun, 2005 22:47 (UTC)
;-) I think Simon picked it up on his Delta flight and gave it to tanais to mutate enough for me to catch, because I have the unfeasible nasal productivity of one and the aching head of the other, plus the racking cough from both... feeling a bit better now, at least enough to stay awake and read rather than sleep most of the day... not well enough to even be worrying about work yet
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